Tunes and Sessions

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Bosco Stomp (Cajun arr and played by Tout Le Porc)

I learned this tune from Pete Croft who has inspired a lifelong love of Cajun and Zydeco Music. We formed Tout le Porc with Mark Jones, Mark Russell and Demmy James, and busked in Cambridge every week, also busking our way through Italy, Switzerland and France.

Mamou, April 2006. Tout Le Porc, Anglia TV 1994.


Lord Galways Lamentation : Lord Galways Lamentation by O Carolan, arranged for strings and multi-tracked on live violin and viola with Garritan String Library for big strings on a budget.


Horace (Romanian arr Mark Russell)

Mark and I formed Horace X in 1994, fusing dance beats with assymetrical time signatures and tunes and organic ‘folk’ instruments with digital dance technology. This track is our version of a Romanian ‘Hora’ and is from our first EP, which was nominated for a Mercury Prize.

Organic meets Digital : Horace X

IMPROVISED ‘Fish Don’t Bark’

Another one from the archives, this is from Horace X’s second EP and is one of my favourite fiddle solos.

MR SIMS VIDEO (Horace X) .

CD cover for ‘Fish Don’t Bark’ by George Taylor. UV Horace X
touring North America and Europe
between 2002 and 2006.


Boys of Malin (Irish)

Recorded live with Mark Russell and Johnny Lawson
(The Céilí Allstars).


(Solo from The Storm by Josie Nugent and Hazel Fairbairn)

I met Chandru, an inspired Carnatic violinist, in 1994 and then again in 2000. Over the years I have had sporadic lessons with Chandru and athough I have barely scratched the surface of this sublime music, his teaching and this incredible fluid style has had a profound influence on my playing.
This is an Indian influenced solo improvisation from a current recording project with Josie Nugent.



I've been playing my 5 string Starfish electric violin for eleven years and I am still very happy with it. It has a clear and true sound and is totally reliable. Over the years I have experimented with various guitar effects and the subtle overdrive on La Tropicana Lisdoonvarna from Horace X live at the Junction is one of my favourites.


For fiddle or viola recording sessions, please listen to the mp3s to get an idea of the range of styles I can offer.

I am happy to travel to your studio, distance and expenses allowing. Alternatively I have access to professional recording facilities and can work from a guide track (mp3 preferred) and email your fiddle/viola tracks in the format of your choice.

Please E

if you want strings/fiddle on your track.